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Your Fertility Journey

Everyone’s fertility journey is different, for some women it is easy, their cycle is balanced and things just happen quite quickly, without even really trying. And for others the journey is a little longer, frustrating, emotional and hard; they may even need to seek alternative methods to help stimulate and help their body conceive. In the end all that matters is to not lose hope, don’t stop believing and focusing on your dream of becoming a parent.

In women Chinese medicine can assist to regulate the menstrual cycle, rebalancing hormones, enhancing follicle development,  improving egg quality, helping to thicken the endometrial lining (which helps to secure implantation of the fertilised embryo), relieving stress and improving general health. In men Chinese medicine assists on rebalancing the body, relieving stress and most importantly improving the sperm quality; improving sperm count, motility, morphology and concentration. 


In the latest research acupuncture increases the IVF success rate, with regular treatments leading up to the transfer and pre/post transfer treatments on the day. It is important while having regular acupuncture to assist in fertility; that a healthy diet and lifestyle be maintained, which can assist and enhance the body's response to this amazing treatment.


A healthy lifestyle is important for your partner and you; clean diets, and having the right nutritionally balanced foods, herbs and supplements, to give the body the best support. This will help keep the body, strong, healthy, balanced and energised. Stay hydrated, get 7 to 8 hours sleep a night and decrease stress, by having regular treatments. Introduce meditation, walking and yoga into your life. Treat your body like it is already pregnant. Excessive exercise and working long and stressful hours depletes the body of the nutrients you need to keep your body and cycle balanced, and having a healthy internal environment to conceive.


Knowing your menstrual cycle is so important in helping you to conceive. How your cycle should be, your flow and pinpointing your fertility window, every woman is different. There are four stages in a menstrual cycle; menstruation, the follicle development phase, ovulation and the luteal phase. Having weekly treatments at each stage of your cycle will help to maintain the balance of your body’s natural cycle, and increase the chances of conception.

In the initial consultation I give all my patients the tests their partner and they should have prior to conceiving, to save a lot of frustration, stress and heartache. If there is something that could be picked up from the start and treated, instead of waiting 6 months to a year later wouldn’t you want to know? The consultation includes dietary and supplement advice, information on increasing the chances for conception and a relaxing treatment to connect you back to your body. I will offer all the knowledge, love and support on this journey with you; I want you dreams to come true too :)

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