B H.Sc (Acupuncture)
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Rebalance : Facial Rejuvenation

I am an acupuncturist and energy healer (Reiki). My interest in Chinese medicine began when I looked into alternative treatments to help rebalance, energise and calm my body and mind; I was enthused by the results of this treatment. This was the beginning of a long and rewarding journey into a modality I feel very connected to and passionate about. My goal is to help others and share with them the numerous benefits of this amazing treatment. Helping people in easing their pain, balancing and healing them or giving them the gift to bring life into this world makes me happy. This path is my calling, and it’s what I was meant to do.

Before I started on this journey my life used to be so stressful, on the go, all the time. I felt like I was constantly rushing and trying to cram so much into one day, crazy. I have changed my life so much, it is more balanced now. Just by introducing small changes over time, regular acupuncture treatments to balance my body. Yoga and meditation to keep me calm and reduce stress. As we age we need to accept that our bodies can’t do the things we used to do and run at such a high intensity. We need to adapt and really take care of our mind, body and spirit, as we have only one body to last us through our entire lives, we really need to nurture and take care of it.

My space is a nurtured environment, a safe place to relax, to connect with your body and leave the stress behind. We all need to switch off and shut the world out and focus on ourselves, even if it is just for a little while. Acupuncture helps correct the imbalances in the body’s energy channels, helping to promote the flow of Qi and blood and encourages the body to heal itself. I use this with Reiki, spiritual energy, which helps assist the body’s natural healing ability and promotes well-being. Combining these two powerful treatments, helping to maintain balance in your body to bring health and vitality back, and to build the foundation you need in bringing life into this world.